There’s always something happening at the NVM! Check this page frequently for updates on events, as many of the events will have a limited number of openings and will fill up fast. 


Guided tours

Every Sunday, we offer guided tours of the museum at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. Reservations are not required. This activity is included with the price of general admission.


Private parties
Book your birthday party, corporate event and other celebrations at the museum! Contact us for details. 


Current Exhibits at NVM

  • The Timeline of Consoles

    When Constant Event

    Though the videogame industry is fairly young in the grand scheme of things, there have been over 50 game consoles released in North America. The very first home console (Magnavox' Odyssey) found its way into homes in 1972. Our physical timeline of consoles places 50 of them all in one place! You can step up to a timeline control panel and direct it to tell you more about any of them: when was it popular? How many games were made for it? What was it competing with? What were some of its best and worst features? This area will serve as a central database that will connect all of the stories you'll find in the museum.

  • You've Stepped Back Into an 80s Arcade

    When Constant Event

    Part of the every day experience at the museum is our retro arcade, "Pixel Dreams". If you lived through the years when you "got next" by placing a quarter on the cabinet, you'll instantly remember the sights and sounds of our arcade. Attendees get four NVM tokens upon admission, but you could spend a whole day working on mastering our games. Are you good enough to get your name added to our leader board?

  • Educational Programs

    When Regular Event

    The National Videogame Museum classroom will focus on STEM values for our youth and late-night events for adults. STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) teaches core skills while educational and entertaining community events for the young and old alike will be held regularly specifically to entertain. There's something for everyone to learn!

  • Pre-Historic

    When Constant Event

    Prepare yourself for the most amazing display of "dedicated home systems" ever. PONG has never been so BIG! You'll also get to see Nintendo's very first forays into the videogame world with their versions of Pong, Breakout, and Night Driver. How was the world introduced to videogames? What did we do before there were cartridges, discs and the internet? What does a "serve" button do? Explore these early days of videogaming with us in an exhibit like no other.